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Walk the Talk

The Neurolanguage Coaching Conversation Evening

90 Min Masterclass

19th May  2022

Worth 90€
Non-Members 30€
E&E Members: 15
VIP & Premium: FREE

  • Are you an Entrepreneur, introvert or perfectionist or a high achieving Professional ?

  • How aware are you of your non native language(s)?

  • How do you perceive the value of your second language?

  • What is the impact of your second? 

  • How much stressed do you feel when you have to to use your second language (French, English?)

  • How many times did you skip an international meeting because of your imperfect French/English?

  • How many opportunities did you miss because of it?

During  my ”Walk the Talk”  Masterclass, you are going to be walked through an introspection of your second language and find out your relationship with it.


An authentic roadmap of your strengths and weaknesses, steps to be followed.

Meet Roxana Blăgescu:
Your Neurolanguage Expert

I am Roxana Blăgescu, Neurolanguage Coach and I help Entrepreneurs and Professionals to develop a positive French/English mindset.

I have an experience of 20 years in teaching, 16 years in language&communication trainings, 2 years in coaching. I shifted Entrepreneurship 16 years ago becoming a freelancer/solopreneur language trainer. 


This is why part of my niche is represented by Entrepreneurs, and then by Professionals (coaches), because we speak the same language and fully understand their needs.

I am a people-enthusiast, I love connecting, sharing and supporting them in their business, career and life. 


Roxana Blăgescu

In this Masterclass you will:

  • have a clear picture of the perceived value of your language(s)

  • learn steps to become aware of your non native language 

  • have a better understanding of your relationship with your second language

  • have a better understanding of your brain and your language stress 

  • learn tips&tricks to overcome your language stress

  • have an in-action roadmap of your strengths and weaknesses 

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