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Impact With Your Voice

90 Min Materclass

Next Class: July 07, 2021

5.30 pm GMT

Worth 90€
Non-Members 60€
E&E Price 45€*

*VIP Members got an extra 20% off and PREMIUM a 30% OFF on the purchase of any extra Masterclass. TCA.

Your voice is one of the most unique assets that you have as a person.

And you can make a positive and lasting impact using that unique voice.  

​In this Masterclass you will:

  • Introduction to your Voice as an Instrument 

  • Exploring channels of expressions 

  • Choosing your preferred channel 

  • Honing your instrument 

  • Establishing your impact 

  • Growing your impact 

  • What next? 

In this master class, I will show you how your voice can become an impact and income making instrument. 

Meet Ejiro Osakede our Voice Expert

Hi, Ejiro Osakede here; a singer, trainer, sound engineer, podcaster, show host and the lead at Mixsie Audiobook Ltd. I will be your guide in this master class. I am an advocate for using your voice to make an impact in your world and in this master class we will explore together how you can make that happen. 

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Ejiro Osakede

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