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Our Masterclasses

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Parenting Mindset to raise successful kids

To succeed in our family life in the new era we need to merge our business, family life and parenting role even better than before. So that time-poor professional mums are able to switch from frustrated, guilty and powerless to peaceful, happy and confident in their parent-child relationship.


Manage your stress with Breathwork

Breathwork methods can be a way of meditation and powerful stress management method.

This masterclass is about bringing you awareness of yourself and your breath,  to help you to recognise your breathing pattern at stressful situations and change that response. If you breath this class maybe be for you!

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Career and life transitions for Expats

Adriana Meyer a specialist in adjustment and identity guides you through a discovery process where you will be able to make sense of new territories.

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High Confidence for Entrepreneurs

Isabel Mendes guides you in a journey of self-discover and self-love, giving you more confidence, knowledge of your strengths helping you to be successful in all areas of your life.

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How to Attract More Referrals

Referrals are a gift from someone else. 

So it makes sense to surround yourself with the people who are best placed to pass you the referrals you want.

In this Referral Master Class, you’ll learn who to form strategic alliances with to maximise the potential for all of you to exchange referrals.

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Impact Leadership & Entrepreneurship

This Masterclass is offered by Impact leaders international. 

Our approach distinguishes itself from other programs because it takes an inside-out approach: it all starts with YOU. Our training takes you on a journey of self-discovery, crystallizing ideas and solutions and developing a value proposition for your business.

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