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Impact Leadership & Entrepreneurship

90 Min Masterclass

15th December 2021 at 5pm CET

Worth 90€
Non-Members 15€
E&E Members: FREE

Are you feeling overwhelmed living in a new country and feeling that you want to do something?


Be valued and participate so you will feel you are making a difference?


Use your talents and have financial independence?


Work with a team of people of your choosing to offer something unique to people?


Use your experiences as an expat to set up a venture of your own?


Reach for the sky and make it happen?

We from ImpactLeaders international (www.impactleaders international) have developed a unique training ‘Become an Impact Leader and Impactful Entrepreneur’ especially for the Expat community.


Our training aims to contribute to support the transformation agenda for the world which has been translated in 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


We take an inside out approach which starts with YOU: what are your dreams? Talents? Purpose? Mission? What would you like to do and what would you like to contribute? Entrepreneurs are gamechangers, and are so necessary in our world. They create new things to problems we are facing. You as an expat have a role to play in this respect!

In our online training we will embark on a journey of self-discovery which takes you through different stages: Discovering, Dreaming, Designing and Delivering. 

Discovering, Dreaming, Designing and Delivering

Meet Saskia Harkema:

Your Impact Leadership Expert

Saskia Harkema is child of Expats and was born in Holland but grew up in South-America.


She holds a degree in Sociology and Business Administration and a PhD in Innovation Sciences.


She is an international acclaimed expert in innovation and entrepreneurship and also a human rights defender.


ImpactLeaders International was set up in 2018 with the aim to educate and train transformational leaders that would work on social impact, social entrepreneurship and develop value propositions which take profit, people and plant into account.


Saskia Harkema

In this Masterclass you'll learn:

You will learn many things. First about yourself.

  • What drives you and what hinders you?

  • How can you let go of things that are holding you back and step into the future?

  • You will learn how to visualize your dream and find what your personal mission is.

  • You will place yourself in the world as a changemaker instead of merely an observer.

  • How do you want to shape your future?

  • You will learn how design thinking can help you in identifying problems and developing ideas and value propositions.

  • Finally you will learn to make your ideas actionable: develop a business model revolving around social impact, know how to implement your value proposition and business idea and monitor progress.

  • You will know how to become a social entrepreneur: someone working for the good of humanity.

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