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Befriend your challenging emotions like Anxiety, Anger, Guilt, Shame, Sadness to heal, break free from old patterns, embrace  compassion, peace of mind & connection to your purpose.

How do you deal with unpleasant, difficult and challenging emotions when they arise within you?

Do you struggle dealing with them? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by them?


Difficult emotions distort our perception of reality, can cause us emotional suffering, deprive us from joy in life and disconnect us from our true nature.

Sad on Couch

Emotions are part of our human inner experience, we experience them everyday whether we are aware of them or not.

Most of us didn’t learn how to be with unpleasant emotions, how to move through them in a healthy & gentle way; we learned to suppress them, avoid them or become them.

Wellness Coach

Feeling inspired, calm and peaceful is our true natural way of being, Trapped energies in our bodies keeps us stuck in emotional pain and prevents us from feeling whole.


Are you ready to let go of old patterns that no longer serve who you are today, heal past wounds and start creating a more authentic and compassionate life?

What if you wake up everyday with a sense of inner peace trusting that you have all the wisdom and tools you need to go through your day no matter what happens in your outer world?

Join me in this 5 experiential LIVE online Circle of Healing where I will be guiding you every week in a different healing rituals, practices & explorations to move through Fear, Anger, Shame, Guilt and Sadness; befriend your challenging emotions & use them as allies for deep healing.

5 Weeks Training

Limited places

22nd May 2022 

Investment: 350
Early Bird 270€ with the coupon EARLYBIRDE&E

What are your wins?

  • Befriend your emotions, let them be your teachers and a doorway to a deeper healing. 


  • Liberate yourself from old beliefs and create new ones that are in alignment with your spirit.

  • Release generational patterns that no longer serves you.

  • Heal old emotional wounds.

  • Tap into the wisdom of your body to release trapped energies.

  • Embrace and create a healthy relationship with your inner Child.

  • Nurture self-compassion.

  • Understand the power of anger and transform it to express your needs.

  • Find your authentic voice to express who you are.

  • Move from victim mentality to be the co-creator of your life. 

  • Shift from your head into the deep healing wisdom of your heart and intuition.

  • How to protect yourself from absorbing low vibration energies from your environment & others.

  • Cultivate the gift of forgiveness.

  • Experience the power of grace. 

  • Explore your higher purpose and what makes you wake up in the morning.

Practical Information
  • The program consists of 5 online sessions via Zoom.

  • Starting on the 22nd of May and finishing on the 19th of June.

  • Each session takes around 2 hours.

  • Sessions will NOT be recorded as the value of each session is experiential, so please be aware that you must assist every session live.

What people say:

"Such a beautiful enlightening experience, shared intimately with a wonderful diverse group of people, guided by the lovely joyful and gentle Sabine. Emotions made simple and easy to understand. Love your vision, thank you so much Sabine for this insightful healing experience. Love,"

M. W.

"It was a great learning opportunity that exceeded my expectations. I had the chance to explore the power of healing rituals and meditation for the first time. The delivery of quality material coupled with unique techniques used by such an outstanding coach made it so stimulating. Each session was so engaging and kept us eager to look forward to the next one. The coach used lively and inspiring examples and interpretations, inviting enriching interventions from all this circle of healing's attendants with diversified background."


"Thank you so much Sabine for your very valuable training. It was an amazing experience, very rich in learning, information and techniques. I really enjoyed it. Having participants from different cultures was an enrichment too. Everyone contributed in a different way and different approach. The idea of discussion in Chat room was awesome. I really felt how important is the connection. Today, I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you for your wisdom, experience and personable presentation"

W. S.

"In brief, it was a splendid experience when I kept relating to real Life. It has really widened my horizon, helped me discover my purpose and learn to focus on the path to my inner peace. 

Thank you Sabine. "


Meet Sabine Chachati

Sabine is passionate about supporting people connecting to their core essence, uniqueness and creativity. She creates a safe and courageous space for healing,  mindfulness, self compassion and inner peace.

Sabine is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach, member of the ICF, a Pranic Healer practitioner and Certified Laughter Yoga.

Her holistic approach is a blend of coaching, energy work, laughter yoga and spontaneous painting.

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